Complete GPS/GSM/GPRS based Live tracking system with RFID solutions.    
  • Live GPS/GPRS tracking..
  • Locate your vehicle from anywhere.
  • Over speed, stoppage logs.
  • Google web based interface.
  • Unlimited personalized logins.
  • Various SMS based alerts.
  • 3G based solutions.
  • Online passenger information.
  • GPS based Voice announcement on Buses and trains.
  • Location based advertisements.
  • Manage and schedule the contents from anywhere.
  • Upload and syncronize content folders from remote location.
  • Instant scrolling messages.
  • Live Navigation Bar.
  • Video camera interface.
  • Online Trip management solution.
  • On-board RFID based attendance.
  • Daily reports on excel and on emails
  • Passenger list management.
  • Various SMS based alerts.
View your vehicles online from anywhere. * GPS/GSM/GPRS based solution * RFID interface * Complete Fleet management.

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